Church Leadership

The leadership of Omak First Baptist Church consider it a high calling of God to serve the families of this congregation. We believe it is vital that the church has a leadership that diligently seeks the Lord for His will and blessing. In our meetings, we place a strong emphasis on prayer and fellowship with one another.


 IMG_2714       John Richards

Pastor John has been serving as Pastor of Omak First Baptist Church since 1998. He sees his ministry and calling as two-fold: to preach the word of God without compromise and to shepherd God’s people with grace. He is immeasurably grateful for Angie, his ministry partner and wife of twenty years, and his three children, Olivia, Joseph and Elijah.


IMG_2720       Roy Abshire
IMG_2710       Kris Clark
 IMG_2722       Mike McDaniel

Youth Pastor

IMG_2723       Josh Richards

Worship Leader

IMG_2716       Blair Corson